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Who Is Steve Preston and How Can He Help Me?

Hey Coach,

Thanks for stopping by Wrestling Strength X!

My name is Steve Preston and I'm a Sports Performance Coach who specializes in getting wrestlers as strong as possible.  I guess you could say I wrote the book on wrestling strength... because I did:). My first program was Ultimate Wrestling Strength and it was the #1 strength training system for wrestlers on the internet.  It was based on the programs I was using with the wrestlers I was training locally back in the day.

Since then, I've been updating my training with even better programs for wrestlers who need to get stronger, better conditioned and mentally tougher at the same time.

That's where Wrestling Strength X comes in.  I created this site as a complete strength training resource for wrestling coaches who want to build a championship program from the ground up.  That's why the workout programs here at Wrestling Strength X are geared for all ages, levels and types of wrestlers.

With that said, here are some random facts about me:)

  • I'm married to my wife Michelle... my best friend
  • We have 2 really spoiled Schnauzers:)
  • I'm a former Junior World Record Holder in the Bench Press
  • I may be the biggest New York Yankees fan of all time:)
  • My favorite color is green
  • My favorite number is 12
  • I'm am a 2X New York State Powerlifting Champion
  • I got my first job training people at a health club when I was 19 (Personal Trainer wasn't even a term back then.  We were called Fitness Instructors)
  • I only drive Toyota trucks
  • I have an inner sense... for picking kids out at a young age that wind up becoming champion wrestlers
  • I was born. in Birmingham, England
  • I was a National Runner-Up in Powerlifting
  • I grew up most of my life in New York (Rockland County and Buffalo)
  • I love a good Rib Eye Steak:)
  • If you're my friend, I always have your back
  • I believe that strength training and muscle are the fountain of youth
  • I have a goal to reach 10,000 wrestlers and coaches world-wide to help them develop better wrestling programs.

Ok, that was just a random bunch of stuff I wrote as I was sitting here.  If you want to know more about me or have questions about how I can help you reach your wrestling potential... just ask:)

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