Before I begin telling you which supplements I’d recommend for wrestlerswho cut weight, I’d like to say that if it were up to me nobody would cut weight…

…then we would see a whole, new-level of peak performance wrestling!

But since it’s not up to me, I want to help you do it correctly if you so choose…

Here goes…


Supplements for Wrestlers


Maybe one of the biggest reasons wrestlers fail to perform at their best is because they don’t ever recover from wrestling and training.

Most wrestlers that I know get over-trained half-way through the season.

You simply cannot go to school all day, wrestle at practice, wrestle at club, wrestle at tournaments, dual meets, workout, do homework, family commitments, cut weight, etc. without burning out…

There has to be a balance.

Sometimes, you have to look at your nutrition in order to prevent burn-out and over-training.

Since many wrestlers cut weight, it’s even harder to get the nutrition your body needs to wrestle at its best.

This is where supplementation can be a good thing.

*** Always get your doctor’s advise before taking any supplements***

There are a lot of bogus supplements and companies out there.

I’ve made myself a guinea pig over the years in order to find out what supplements will give wrestlers an advantage…

Here are the supplements that I find most helpful in preventing overtraining and burnout in wrestlers:

———-The Post-Workout Recovery Drink ———-

What you consume immediately following a grueling practice or workout is the most important thing you can do to recover, and continue wrestling well.

Post-workout recovery drinks should be consumed immediately following practice or working out.

If you are on a tight budget, I’d recommend that you drink 16 oz. of chocolate milk within 20 minutes of practice or a workout.

Chocolate milk contains protein and simple sugars in the correct amounts to aid in recovery.

You can even make your own drink by mixing: o Apple or grape juice (60-80 grams of sugar) o 1 scoop whey protein (about 22 grams)

This is a step up from chocolate milk…

———- L-glutamine ———-

L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It is the key to preventing muscle breakdown when your body is working too hard.

L-glutamine can help you keep muscle on your body when you are cutting weight.

It spares the muscle when you aren’t eating enough calories and allows the body to use fat for energy instead.

It is found in many whey protein powders, so you might not need to look further than your protein formula.

———-Branched Chain Amino Acids ———-

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

These amino acids also help the body spare muscle in times of stress and low calories.

They can be very helpful in allowing a wrestler to make it through the demands of the season, and
still stay strong.


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